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Make (or help) a friend!

You’ve heard the expression “it takes a village”? Well, that’s a good description of what it takes to keep the Roseville South Placer Branch going and growing. We all believe in our mission, and we think the service and support we provide to girls and women of South Placer is pretty amazing. But we need more of you to step up and help out. Do you have a few hours to spare and want to pitch in while making new or strengthening old friendships? It’s easy: For more information or to volunteer - email:

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Website Maintenance

  • Event Planning

  • Social Media-Facebook/Next-door 

  • Marketing

  • Public Policy

  • Scholarships

  • Fun Activities events

  • Program Hospitality

  • New Member Hospitality

  • Grant Writing

  • Outreach

  • Tech Trek

  • Gov Trek

  • Speech Trek

  • Fundraising

Eleanor Roosevelt Awardees - Volunteerism

Each year we select two members to receive the Eleanor Roosevelt Award for outstanding contributions to our Branch. The two deserving members in our branch who have been outstanding in giving their time, talent, and effort for the good of our Branch for this year are:

Carolyn ER 2023.png

Carolyn Garfein

  • Leadership - She is committed to the AAUW Mission and Vision through her leadership in our branch. She chaired AAUW Funds, served on the board as Marketing/Publicity Director 2015-2016 and Co-President for the year 2022- 23.

  • Volunteerism - She volunteered to match donations for a branch fund raiser and to serve on the board as Vice President of Philanthropy for the years 2023-2024.

  • Innovation - She is committed to any role or responsibility she takes on. From her many leadership roles, she brings new ideas to our branch.

Denise ER 2023.png

Denise Hexom

  • Leadership - She is committed to the AAUW Mission and Vision through her leadership in our branch. She has served as Program Vice Co-President. President 2020-21 and Copresident 2022-23.

  • Volunteerism - She has recruited members to the branch and brought new volunteers to help the branch be successful with its programs and events.

  • Innovation - She has successfully effected change by holding brainstorming sessions where members were invited to share ideas.

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