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Our Impact

This year, AAUW-R

Selection Criteria
  • Financial Need

  • Student Essay

  • Letters of Recommendation

  • Academic Standing

  • Community and/or Work Experience

  • School Activities and/or Leadership

  • Personal Interview (Semifinalists)

We are proud and honored to be a part of the future of women and girls in our communities
  • We see the joy in a high school graduate when she is the first in the family to pursue higher education goals.

  • We embrace the determination and accomplishment of a women re-entering the work force and pursuing a Sierra College degree.

  • We see the incredible comradeship of the girls as they attend Tech Trek in July at UC Davis

    • ​Click here to view the Tech Trek video.

Since 2016 we have awarded

  • $36,000 in high school scholarship money to graduating senior girls

  • $54,625 to adult women re-entering Sierra College to further their higher education goals

  • $28,000 for tuition to send middle school girls to summer STEM camp at UC Davis held in July

  • Financial need is the primary consideration of the evaluation process and is based on the student’s FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) EFC (Expected Family Contribution) score

AAUW Tech Trek.jpeg
2023 Scholarship Recipients

“I am incredibly honored to be awarded with the AAUW Scholarship. I hope to inspire many other young women to pursue their passion in STEM. Sincerely, Katie”

“First off, thank you so much! I’m beyond grateful for this scholarship and your assistance in my college journey. I am honored to have received this scholarship, and hope you know how much I appreciate it. College is crazy

expensive, but getting financial help such as this makes me hopeful that I can achieve my goals in life. With great thanks. Sarah R.”

  • Placer County Supervisors - $1,050 to fund one Sierra College scholarship.

  • Placer Community Foundation (Ruth Burgess Group) - $1,000 to fund one Tech Trek scholarship.

  • Placer County Board of Supervisors (ARPA) - $700 to fund one High School scholarship.

  • Lincoln Community Foundation and the City of Lincoln - $5,000 to fund five High School scholarships.

  • Gray Allen in honor of his late wife - Eleanor Stem-Allen - $3,000 to fund five Speech Trek scholarships.

  • Dotti May - $5,000 to fund two Sierra College scholarships.

  • Sacramento Community Foundation on behalf of the Keller Family Pathway Fund- $2,500 to fund one Sierra College scholarship.

Grants and scholarships received that supported our mission to promote equity for women and girls through education and advocacy. We Thank You!

Donations are deductible from state and federal taxes as allowed by the law.

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